About us

PROSTEELE is the industrial division of Portofino shoes, a Canadian shoe company created in 1959. Portofino has built a name for itself thanks to its exceptional service and products. It got rapidly known for its top quality leather comfort shoes made in Italy and Spain. To this day, Portofino’s main mission is to offer specialized shoes that accept orthotic inserts and that meet specific orthopaedic standards.

With its great experience in specialized shoes, Portofino proudly introduced a safety footwear division with prestigious brands who offer an unmatched comfort. Today, nearly half a century later, the PROSTEELE division sells directly to consumers and to industries looking for great quality safety footwear made in Europe at the best possible cost. With our excellent service and our top-notch expertise, we can provide the best quality/cost ratio safety footwear.

Our level of expertise allows us to choose with great care the styles we offer. Our mission is to offer key items that meet several exceptional safety and comfort criteria.

After all these years of experience, we strongly believe that quality should always be prioritized before quantity and will honor our philosophy for all the many years to come.

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To open a commercial account, fill the credit application form and send it by email at info@prosteele.com or fax at 418-622-8226

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