What if I told you that you can use your work shoes in another way? Indeed, you can do many other activities this summer than just working with your Prosteele models. Let's go through them together!

Bicap's REMUS model (code: BC-REMUS00) 

Want to go out with your friends, have BBQ parties or even go camping? This is possible with the REMUS boot from Bicap. Not only does it give you style, but it is also light and easy to put on.  In addition, this boot is CSA certified and features a steel cap and a non-slip sole. Yes, it is possible to look great while being protected. 

Discover it here: BICAP REMUS (prosteele.com)

Bicap's CHARLIE model (code: BC-CHARLIE) 

Do you like the outdoors, forest walks and running? Then, Bicap's CHARLIE shoes are for you! This model is made of a water-repellent, dielectric and ultra-resistant material in addition to having a protective steel cap and a kevlar anti-perforation sole. You won't even feel it because of how light they are. 

Discover it here: BICAP CHARLIE | Safety CSA Putek Hypertex Steel Cap Slip Resistant Shoes (prosteele.com)

The CHEMICAL model from Cofra (code: CO-CHEMICA) 

This summer, will you take advantage of the good weather to work in the backyard? Here is the CHEMICAL model from Cofra that will accompany you in all the hard work you will have to do, including the construction of balconies, the layout of the outdoor courtyard, moves and much more. You guessed it, this boot has a protective steel cap and an ultra-light sole that adheres very well to the ground in addition to being water resistant.

Cofra's NEW HUNTER model (code: CO-PUVERT0) 

Do you have a passion for fishing? Use your NEW HUNTER boots to do so! They are lightweight, insulating and wear-resistant. Take advantage of the THINSULATE 600 lining to keep you warm in the coldest rivers and lakes where you fish. They are also equipped with a composite cap and a metal-free anti-perforation sole, so no worries for the protection of your feet!

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